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OK – so I’ve done a little more development work on the Assassins project πŸ™‚

Isaac had reached out to his other operatives already on the station, they all knew the schedule, to make sure that central ops was taken on time.

There was a team assembling in the maintenance office down the corridor from central, and Isaac was on his way there. He had already scheduled a series of system tests to take place that would allow the team to move from there to central. If all went to plan they would make their move and be in place as the cruse liner was docking. They had two hours left, it would take him one of those just to make it across the station to be in place.

Isaac entered the maintenance office on the central corridor fifty minuets later. There were twenty people waiting there for him, including Angela and Tessa. He nodded to them as he entered. ‘ok people. We have just over an hour to make sure everything is under our control. The routines are set to start switching processes into test mode in ten mins. Does everyone have a weapon?’ there was a murmur of yes from everyone. ‘ok. We will split into three teams, team one will be working through the tunnels to access from inside the control room, team two will go down the main corridor and enter through the main door, team three will enter from the auxiliary entrance. Angela, Tessa – are you two ok working together?’ They both nodded ‘in that case Angela will head up team two, I will head up team three. Simon – you take team one. We will move out in ten minuets. Everyone check your gear.’ there was a mass rustle as everyone did so. ‘we are still unsure of the location of Danco, we don’t know what has happened to at least three operatives – they have not called in for the last twenty-four hours. Once the marines are on station, we need to make sure that all of the cartel are under our control, we can then make a start on looking for them. Team one, make a start on heading through the tunnels now, the other two teams, lets start working our way down the corridors.’

If everything went to plan it would take team one twenty mins to reach the central ops office access panels, team two would take five mins, and team three would take seven or so.

Tessa watched as Isaac left and double checked everything through again, once they had ops she would be able to start hunting through sec footage to see if there was any sign of what happened to Tirela.

There was a nod from Angela and their team moved out and down the corridor, if they were lucky there would be no one moving about, if they met anyone the action would have to be quick and silent.

They turned the last corner and could see the ops centre doors, they were on time and quickly moved into position. Angela watched the count on her watch and gave the signal to the team.

They pulled open the door and tossed in a stun bomb, they followed it in and Tessa could see the other teams entering from their places.

Angela went to the security console and entered in the over rides to bring all the section access to her, while Isaac took the station masters console.

‘Initiate Earth link’ he commanded, and the woman that had taken a seat at the communication desk entered the commands to re-establish the link to central Navy control.

‘Security initialisation is taking place’ said Angela ‘system reset in thirty seconds. Cruiser is in final docking manoeuvre, final connection in two mins. Preparing for crash dock and sec release. I don’t think any one realises what’s happened yet.’

‘Any word on Danco?’ asked Isaac.

‘He’s not here, once the sec reset takes place we will tag him, I also have the list of other people to tag ready to load.’ said Simon.

‘Sec reset in five’ said Angela, ‘four, three, two, one and reset. Earth Link established. Sec Protocol is loaded into system. Sir – it’s waiting for a Commanding Office to take command.’

Isaac removed his security id from a pocket and entered the card into the reader on the station masters console. It prompted for a voice verification ‘Admiral Kenneth Hartman, ID number four, five, three, six, two. ‘

‘Cruiser will dock in five seconds, release security seal.’

On the dock there was a shudder as the curser docked and took hold, and the men on the security desk went into a state of confusion and then panic as their screens went blank and two thousand marines started to file past them with loaded weapons.

The red warning lights started to flash and the dock seal klaxons started to sound as the seals were closed across the station.

A detachment of five marines took control of the security desk and sent a signal to central ops.

In the central ops office Angela was locking out all of the remote security stations, she had initialised a communication blackout for all traffic.

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