Update on progress

Hi, well – it’s been a while since I last posted. Just wanted to give an update on the status of the Assassins project. I am still working on it, but due to work commitments I had to take a brake.

I took a weeks holiday in March and got around three thousand words done – as posted. Then for 2 months I could not write anything. A couple of weeks ago I managed to sit out in a friends garden and got four thousand words done in a day, and this weekend managed around 2k words. It’s amazing how a writers mind works – and just shows if you try to force writing nothing (good) will come out!

I will hopefully get settled into a routine again now so that I can get more done. The entire project is currently sitting at around 15k words. A little off my 200k target – but that will come. I have got the chapters all planned out and most of them at 700 to 800 words each.

I have written a few things in my “idea log” notebook – but nothing more than a page – more to clear my mind of rubbish or to explore an idea. And none of that stuff will ever see the light of day again – it may see the light of a match on the other hand….

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