New project

Well, I’ve been busy working on a new project, it’s a Sci-Fi thriller. I’m not going to give too much away right now, but enjoy this little snippit:

Joshua was sat in his office, he’d signalled to the sisters over three hours ago. He knew what it meant if they hadn’t got back to him by now. There was trouble; he didn’t know what it was linked to yet. He had started to monitor the station alerts after two hours. The only blip had been the maintenance tunnel alert – but that had been quickly closed down. Just the single alert in that amount of time was a bad sign. He knew how they worked. They wouldn’t contact him if they thought either they or he had been compromised.

He started to make his own plans; he wouldn’t leave the station unless absolutely necessary. His bosses had too much invested for him to leave. Taking control back from the criminal cartel that had taken the station was too important. He had some of the key naval personnel now on the station, but his plans were not compete. The sisters taking out Danco had been the next step.

They would either do it or not. But he had to be sure, so he signalled to another one of his contacts.

Angela got a beep on her comm, Isaac had requested her to report to his office. It wasn’t often you got called to see the head of the department. It wasn’t a big department, but he normally just stuck his head out of the door and yelled.

‘I’m just going to see Isaac, make sure Joe gets finished on that clean up in sector five three. Thanks’ She stood and made sure her jacket was straight. It may only be the maintenance department but that didn’t mean they couldn’t take pride in themselves.

‘Close the door Angela.’ He said as she entered. She did so and stood at attention by his desk. ‘I am Joshua. I have a job for you.’

She nodded – she had suspected that there was more to Isaac than had seemed and now she knew.

‘Two of my operatives may have been compromised, as may this office. Your target is here’ he handed over a folder. ‘You are to eliminate the targets identified. If you come across the two other persons on interest you are to render any request they give you. Assess the threat level to this office. If we are compromised I need to know, we may have to withdraw from here. I would rather do it right and get all our operatives out alive. Good luck.’ He waved his hand to dismiss her.

Angela left the office and went back to her station; she tapped at a few keys and found what she was looking for – a blip in the system about 2 hours previously. ‘I’m going to section seven five, there was a blip and I need to stretch my legs.’

Angela walked to the lift system, no need to use the trams when visiting the maint tunnels, there were lifts to everywhere. She set the lights to auto. As she approached the area she could see blood on the floor and walls, something had happened here, but there was no sign of anyone. Other than the bloody foot prints leading to an air duct.

‘Joshua sent me.’

Angela looked directly at the duct.

‘Are you Tessa or Tirela? By the looks of it something went wrong. Look me up, Angela. I will wait for an hour at the hatch on seven five.’

She turned and walked back the way she had come.

Angela sat at the café across from the hatch and watched the brunette approach, she was slim and very pretty, looked to have some Japanese in her. From the files she had to be Tessa.

The brunette sat on the chair opposite and poured from the tea pot into the mug that had been left ready.

‘Tirela has been taken. She got at least one before she went down. Looks like she’d been ambushed. A man named Bruce is in a coma in one of our safe apartments. I have initiated clean programs to remove all trace of us from the station.’ The voice that spoke was soft, quiet, barely audible and filled with a deep sorrow. ‘I’m not sure how much they know. But I am confident that Joshua is compromised.’ She drank from the mug.

It was a very hot mug of tea, it needed sugar.

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