Mary Rose – Original Prologue/Idea

The system was newly discovered to be a possibility of mining, so recent that no station has gotten built, but miners and transport ships were everywhere – and so were the pirates, attacking the miners to steal the ore, supplies – and a few of the women too.

It had provided the perfect opportunity to move in a military presence, such that the planned test could be concealed from everyone – especially Earth.If it succeeded Earth would be told, if it failed the pirates would have won a battle and more ships could be sent – to try again.

Joe looked around the bridge, watched as the crews did what needed to be done in such a place – no station to give traffic information meant that the scan and comms were busy – very busy – co-ordinating the hundred or so destroyers and carrier class ships that were in system with them.

E1537 – there had not even been a name assigned to the place yet. E1537 – the military’s playground until the Trade Compact named and put a station here.

He hoped that they would take their time – what was done here may allow them to break past the Great Barrier.

He looked around again, everyone was still doing what then needed to – he liked being in charge of military ships, the crew knew exactly what to do and didn’t need telling.

He settled back in his seat. the cushion gave slightly and he became more comfortable as it readjusted.

A console in the arm of his chair activated and gave him control over the main screen.

Tapping on the console he brought up the current layout of the system, a few rocks, some miners and the fleet.

He ordered half of the carriers to guard the miners, half the remaining to go looking for pirates and the remaining 25 ship to remain in formation.

With patrols and guard set he was now able to think about the real reason that they had been sent to this part of space – to test the new drive systems that had been developed.

He was looking forward to the first test, but not what had to be done to achieve it.

He brought up one of the many plans of action – the one he had liked the most, but would cost the most in terms of ships, and lives, should anything go wrong

They were ready for the test, the last preparations were being made on the bridge, the crew were praying to whichever god that they believed in. He signaled the go command and watched in horror as the test ship exploded, the ships closet also caught in the blast. But something that was totally unexpected was the new gravity field that was being registered by the ships sensors.

The gravity field that was pulling the entire system into it.