Over the years I have written several “short” stories, these will be edited and uploaded here for people to read. These vary in length from less than a side of A4 hand written to tens of pages.

The really short (those pesky couple of lines that help clear a thought) ideas will be posted to the front page and to the “snippets” page, but anything longer – or that I think is worth something will find a place here with their own page – with the possibility I’ll add in some authors notes.

I will also post ideas that started but went nowhere, that I have no intention of taking any further. Please note however that there are a LOT of these that never see the light of day after I’ve written them.

Like many people that write, I can write a lot sometimes and it’s not always good. In fact all authors often write some of the most shocking stuff you’ll never read.

I have also over the years attempted to do some simple poetry. Its not easy, but you may see some of those appear too.