Hello Nottingham

I’m here. Settled in a new job, and I’ve been looking for a new writing group. I think I’ve found it!

I’ve been to a couple now, 9am on a Saturday is not a good time… But I’ve found a weekday evening one.

I got writing there, chatting to the people. It’s a small group, with more structure than I’ve had before, this I think will be a good thing for me and my writing.

I’ve felt inspired to write again, the move from Canada to the UK took a lot out of me, so any motivation is a good thing!

We’re also out exploring the city, finding new best places to eat and drink. New favourite meals, wines. New friends and the thrill of taking the bus to work everyday.

We have two cities to explore, Nottingham and Derby are so close together with a very good bus service. East Midlands – here we are!

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