About Mike

I’m Mike. I write sci-fi and fantasy for a hobby, and have created this website to showcase my work and give occasional updates on what I’m doing. For the most up to date info and how I’m currently thinking please follow my twitter account https://twitter.com/mikeleadley. I am a computer engineer in my 30’s and have had an interest in books and writing since an early age.

I started writing when I was about 13 years old, just stuff that filled the wet afternoons. This developed into more as I went along. I created worlds in the style of Middle Earth by Tolkien, drew spaceships and wasted a lot of paper, and yes I will scan in some of the maps that I have drawn.

Over the last 17 or so years I’ve written a few bits and bobs and have decided to put snippets and short stories up for people to read and hopefully enjoy.

By the age of 17 I was looking for a publisher to what I thought at the time was a masterpiece. Needless to say I got rejected by everyone and their dog.

While at Staffordshire University (in Stafford, England no less), I worked on a couple of new projects, what has become known as “The Universe Trilogy” – not because it’s got three books – but how I split the story for planning purpose, “Mary Rose” – named because I’d just seen a documentary on said ship, and “Kila” – that one I just made up. In mid/late 2016-2017 I decided to bring as much work as I could into a single unverse.

I graduated in 2003 with a BEng in Computing Science (with Honours!)

Other than writing I enjoy reading, relaxing to music, watching films, TV shows, Anime etc, a glass or 3 of red wine is also important. And of course spending time with my good friends (you know who you are), with out whom I would have given up on writing along time ago – so a big THANKS! to you guys.

I still have a day job in IT Support, but I like to think I’m not like most computer geeks (and let’s be honest – I am a geek). I don’t run lots of computers etc at home – I got rid of all but my laptop.