Assassins is a new project for 2012 onwards, not something that I have picked up again.

The current planning for this project calls for 4 books, cunningly entitled Assassins 1, 2, 3 & 4.

The general idea of assassins actually came to me while watching the anime series Noir (, and I thought a sci-fi exploration of female assassins running around a space station could be fun. I was fully expecting to write about 5000 words and then call it quits, but I got into it, did all sorts of planning and have decided that this is someting worth.
What I really need for this project is to be able to finish writing it, and unfortunatly this has kind of be placed on hold due to change of job and a house move.
Once I am fully settled and the summer is back and I can sit in the garden with a glass of water after work I fully exect to get back into the flow of it 🙂

#01 – Assassins

First Draft: 18658 words

I am about 15k words through the initial plan for the first book, and have finalised the main plot line, the number of chapters etc. I aim to get this to 20k words soon, and then character back-stories need to be finished.

#02 – Assassins 2

Not Started

Assassins 2 will continue where the first book finished – The Next Mission.

#03 – Assassins 3

Not Started

Assassins 3 will be a prequel – exploring how the two main characters developed into their nice friendly selves.

#04 – Assassins 4

Not Started

Assassins 4 will explore the history of one of the other characters