Writing Group

One of the best things I did after I moved was getting on to meetup and finding a writing group.

I lucked into what has turned out to be an awesome group of fellow writers who meet, drink coffee, chat and go for pizza.

This weekly outing has kick started my pen after a difficult year, the move took a lot mentally out of me and the words did stop for a time, now they are back with a force!

We share ideas, throw spanner in works and make suggestions – yep I now have a massive idea I want to work into the underlying universe and existing material and my brain is working over time on where I can drop the hints and glances for this thing, this thing which I’m hoping will take a number of books to make it self apparent (thanks Liv!)

I’ve recently started to work though the world and the part I’m working on with one of the guys there, talking and thrashing out ideas. Having to explain where I’m going with things and detail in this way is meaning I have actually formed up some ideas, altered some aspects and dropped a few words and ideas.

So anyone who’s writing in isolation, go find a writing group, Google , Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup will help you out; they are great resources and a place to make friends.

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