A joined universe

Over the last ten years I’ve managed to write a few short stories which could very easily turn in to something much longer, and are already taking such a shape in my head. Along with the stories I’ve started which have screamed novel length since I began working on them. So just over a year ago I made a decision to attempt to bring most of my work into the same universe. I’ve just recounted and I am looking at double digits in the potential book count for this. Not all will make the cut and will end up as part of the history’s I use, but this is an exciting time for me.

This is working better than expected, but it’s ballooned into a major task that is still ongoing. I’ve now got my own wiki server running to keep track of everything, and I am deep in the process of getting all the information into it.

This process is not as simple as saying “they are all in the same universe, on with it”, I need to make sure that there are no conflicting technologies, history, civilisations etc, going though and reconciling all my notes, working out the timeline and where the stories relate and sit with each other.

It’s meant I’ve spent a lot of time doing world building, and working to the history of the world, sometimes as I write, and other times I’ll veer off on a tangent and write a whole extra 10k short story around the idea.

Some of the shorts and snips I’ve posted here will forge the foundations of this extended world, the current working title of  “Confederation – Earth Wars” seems to be hanging about, the time line spanning a thousand years.

I hope everyone enjoys where I am going with my writing – I know I am!


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