Goodbye to my Calgary writing group

I’ve moved back to the UK. There are reasons.

One of the best things I did in my time in Calgary was join the writing group. I lucked into meeting an awesome group of people who became friends, and have an open invite to visit should they make it to Nottingham at any time. We’ll keep in touch though social media and so forth.

This group has inspired me, helped me work my ideas though and given me motivation to write. Also there is a Boston Pizza habit formed from the group… And yes I’m going to miss a chain pizza place haha.

We laughed with fun ideas and talked the serious talk. Politics and the world, we all agreed on a lot of things as is the way when you get a group of creatives together. McGuffins were developed, plots thrown away, copious amounts of coffee drank (and pizza eaten).

We pounced on the large round table, jokingly complaining if someone was on there before us, even getting to the place early to try and get it. We’d sometimes split into two groups, the chatters and the writers. I’d hover between the two, some weeks getting lots written, others not a word would emerge onto the page.

I’ve made friends here, and next time I’m in western Canada I’ll be making sure to pop along on a Tuesday evening. If you’re there and have the time I highly recommend popping down and joining them. The (K)night Writers!

I left doing something fun – NaNoWriMo was my last hurrah with them. I left Canada on Nov 30th, with the stress of a move and finding a new job I managed to get just over 4500 words, but that’s OK. It kept me writing and got a new idea flowing that I can use and work out some of the timeline of the universe…

I’m sat here, a week after landing at a new group; so far its a good group! I have coffee and am chatting, others are drawing, making up choose your own adventures – oh and some are writing…  I’ll be back to see them again.

So while it’s goodbye to Calgary, it’s also a big hello to Nottingham!

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