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One of the discussions that I’ve had with a few people is what software do people use for typing up their writing, either if they do it with pen and paper first or do it directly to a computer. Personally I use MS OneNote, it’s been part of MS Office since Office 2003 and has vastly improved over the years, it’s now free on Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Windows Phone. And if you keep the notes on OneDrive I can be putting thoughts into my phone while out, fire up the laptop when I get home and expand on them all through the power of the internet, orĀ if you are away from your own machine you can log in via the web and use the web version. This makes it a great tool for keeping bits together, character notes, story notes etc. I know some people will use specialist software like Scrivener. I’ve taken a look at this, but the ability to seamlessly use multiple devices across platforms has a greater appeal. This may change – and I am sure it will – over the course of time, as my needs change.

Something that I am interested in trying out is running my own MediaWiki (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki) to try and see if it will help in documenting worlds and universe.

I will do another post on that once I have tried it!

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