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I was looking in random folders on the laptop and came across these, no idea what they are or where they came from (not my best work by any stretch of the imagination), but they have date stamps of 2001 and 2003 – so while I was still at uni, wonder what bit of coursework I got tired of working on or books/films I had been reading/watching when I “needed” to write these 🙂

During the second age of man, during the great war of good and evil, the strength that was leaders of the light cast the last spell to be cast for a thousand years. This spell was not just spell it was The Spell. This spell was cast to prevent the evil which magic was consuming the land. This spell had never been cast before apart from when Elerbran the Great first discovered the spell, which had drastic consequence for him and everything around him. When he first discovered the spell the great library, were he had been working was almost total destroyed, the spell almost killed him. When he had cast the spell the area around were the library had stood became aura free. This meant that no magic could be cast in the area. In last days of the War when all was not going well for Armies of life, the great council of light gathered for the last time and with all the magical abilities together the cast the spell. The spell caused the Aura of the whole Earth to be destroyed removing the evil magic that had been plaguing the planet. Without the Aura that had once surrounded the planet, magic started to fade, this fading of the Magic had two effects; prevented all magic on the planet, also the magic which had already been cast on earth started to fail, including The Spell. So the Aura started to return. Sending magic into myths and legends… This aura is now returning…


It was a nice sunny day and Jake was looking out over the lake, the sun rippled orange on the blue-green water. The wind ruffled his hair and the leaves on the nearby trees.
It was peaceful, the way Jake liked it, the way that was to end the next day when he set off to war in the army. War, the thought brought shivers to his spine, all that blood and gore, he couldn’t even stand the sight when he cut himself, how would he cope with the blood that would spill over his, over the sea of bright green grass.
He felt the presence of another behind him, he smiled as he smelt the perfume of his wife, Aganla
‘My love, you look troubled’ she said.
Turning he placed his arms round her waist, gave he a quick kiss, ‘It is the war. I do not wish to go, but I know that I must or be killed for the coward that I am.’ There was a tint of sadness in his voice. Aganla looked at him, ‘You shall never be a coward, never in my eyes nor the eyes of our children.’
The sadness on his face intensified. ‘Our children will be told that their father was a coward by the soldiers. Please do no try to hurt my feelings by lying to me.’
‘The let us have one night of happiness before the end of our lives as we know them.’
Arm in arm they walked towards the hut that they lived in.

The next morning Jake left his wife’s arms while she still slept and crept out into the night, while he did not want to bring shame to his family he had come to the decision that he was not going to fight in the war. He was going to try and stop the war, he wasn’t sure how, but he was going to try.
As he walked towards the lake for his final view he saw the sky light up in a blaze of lightning, like nothing he’d ever seen before. Maybe the tales he had heard as a child about the wizard in the mountains on the other side of the lake, maybe he could find out.
He started towards the inlet about a mile to the west so that he could take a boat and leave over the lake, he heard the sound of marching men, the army had come to claim the men, when he was found to be gone; he would have to go another way to the other side.

Gerry often wondered what it was like to fly. He’s seen other people doing it, but he knew he could not, never would be able to fly
He was deformed, and while the others didn’t say anything to his face, he knew they would rather he was not around them
He looked at the stumps where his wings were supposed to be, he felt the welling feeling of shame as it came to him. Why was he cursed like this! Oh great Thiran why?
He often asked this of the God of People, why was he deformed and the others were not? Why was it do bad that the deformed were shunned? He never got his answer, or more to the point, he did. Thiran was shunning him, that’s why the others were uncomfortable round him.

Thiran heard the anguish in the younglings’ calls, but he could not bear to look upon this one and incur the wrath of Heiklin; The God of War.

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