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So – I’ve been rattling around looking for ideas and inspiration on what to write, and decided to watch something I’ve not seen for ages – Full Metal Panic (!_Wiki) .

This is an Anime series, with mechs, guns, fancy aircraft carrier submarine. Watching this has done a couple of things, reminded me how much I enjoy some anime series, made me realise that the Japanese are crazy, and that nothing is really too much for sci-fi.

The good thing is that I now have a few more ideas rattling around the brain. Some are pretty rubbish really. Some not so – I will have to play with them over the next few weeks (if I get a chance – I really need a holiday but just not been able to take one).

One thing that I am sure of is that I will be watching a few DVD’s that have just been sat on my shelf for the last couple of years gathering dust. I then went hunting around on ebay and amazon for various things, realised my Blu-ray player isn’t multiregion (annoying as I have quite a few R1 DVD’s on the shelf), want to get a load of stuff from the US. Blah.

Who came up with the idea of regions for DVD/Blu-ray anyhow? And why if I create a “wishlist” on, doesn’t it list with my wishlists on gah!

So – here is a rant that will never actually get sent to amazon – although I did tweet them about it.

Dear Sir,

Why do your sites not integrate fully? I have wishlists on both the UK and US sites, as some items are not available in the UK. However, if someone searches for my wish list on the UK site, the lists created in the US site are not shown, and vice-versa. Would it not make sense for these to integrate across all the amazon sites?

Regards Me.

OK – so little rant over, but I think I have a valid point, in the modern day films/TV shows are now released internationally at pretty much the same time – unlike if the past when the US would get stuff a good 6 months before us.

Does this regional coding not prevent people seeing the widest range of things – of spending their money on more things!? And of course if anyone wants to recommend anime series/OVA for me to go and try to import – just let me know 🙂 or if you want to buy me something I have wishlists on Amazon .com and 😉

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