The “Issues” with writing everything by hand

So, I write everything by hand. Great. But in this age where everything needs to be “backed up”, how do you do that with handwritten paper?

Well – I do two things, the first is I type it up – but not everything gets this treatment (would take me a few years, and a lot of swearing – my hand writing is absolutely terrible!).

So what do I do? I have a camera, a tripod and I take photos of it. These then get stored on my home network and my cloud storage provider.

How to Backup Writing Books

How to Backup Writing Books

2 thoughts on “The “Issues” with writing everything by hand

  1. What about using Dragon Speech Recognition Software to convert your handwritten to a digital document that you can publish? Reading what you wrote out loud is also a good thing.


    • I tried the speech to text, and got frustrated with it not being very accurate and having to go back and spend more time correcting it. I’ve even tried having people type for me, but to no avail.

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