The Hunt for Manuscript Books (or THMB) – pt. 1

As most people know I write with a proper pen most of the time, and then type up at a later point on the laptop. I have in the past used some “manuscript” books I got from a well know UK stationary supplier. I ran out of these book and went to order some more. Unfortunately the ones I like have been discontinued. Argh!

It is difficult to tell if I will like a new product without getting it, and in this day of internet everything I didn’t hold out much hope. So I asked some friends and they gave me some suggestions of places. Nada. Tried the supermarkets as they have everything these days. Nada.

So a trip into town it is then. Grrr!

Trip into town and to Smiths, The Works and Staples – all resulted in 1 almost suitable book. I say almost – it was PINK, and not just a little bit, it was very pink.

So the THMB continues.

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