About Mike

I’m Mike. I write sci-fi and fantasy for a hobby, and have created this website to showcase my work. I am a computer engineer in my 30’s and have had an interest in books and writing since an early age.

I started writing when I was about 13 years old, just stuff that filled the wet afternoons. This developed into more as I went along. I created worlds in the style of Middle Earth by Tolkien, drew spaceships and wasted a lot of paper, and yes I will scan in some of the maps that I have drawn.

Over the last 17 or so years I’ve written a few bits and bobs and have decided to put snippets and short stories up for people to read and hopefully enjoy.

By the age of 17 I was looking for a publisher to what I thought at the time was a masterpiece. Needless to say I got rejected by everyone and their dog.

While at Staffordshire Uni (in Stafford, England no less), I worked on a couple of new projects, what has become known as “The Universe Trilogy” – not because it’s got three books – but how I split the story for planning purpose, “Mary Rose” – named because I’d just seen a documentary on said ship, and “Kila” – that one I just made up.

I graduated in 2003 with a BEng in Computing Science (with Honours!)

Other than writing I enjoy reading, relaxing to music, watching films, TV shows, Anime etc, a glass or 3 of red wine is also important. And of course spending time with my good friends (you know who you are), with out whom I would have given up on writing along time ago – so a big THANKS! to you guys.

I still have a day job in IT Support, but I like to think I’m not like most computer geeks (and let’s be honest – I am a geek). I don’t run lots of computers etc at home – I got rid of all but my laptop.